2018 Ride List

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18th November (Sunday) 09:30, Location – Carn Brea, Grade 5, Distance 13ish miles

Ride Setter – Andy

Ride Leader – Andy


The Carn Brea sessions. We’ll smash the seven runs off the top of the mountain one after the other, pedalling up each time. Often some downhill carnage and always a fun club ride!



25th November (Sunday)  - Location: St Austell | Grade 2-3 | Distance: 20 miles

Ride Setter – Sean

Ride Leader – Sean




2nd December (Sunday)  - Location: CardiRock | Grade: 2 | Distance: 15ish Miles

Ride Setter – Chris

Ride Leader – Chris


Nicely groomed trails with lots of flow, taking in the Bodmin Beast, Hells Teeth, Saw Tooth, Timber Trail, and Hart Trail.




9th December (Sunday)

Ride Setter –

Ride Leader –



16th December (Sunday) 09:30, Location – Minions, Grade 3, Distance 15 miles

Ride Setter - Andy

Ride Leader - Andy


Lovely riding across the moor from Minions, this time with some of Andy’s variations. We’ll be taking in Rocky Road, Amy’s Camel Humps, the main mast descent and plenty of general hooning. Always great riding and great terrain.