2018 Ride List

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18th March (Sunday) 09:00, Location – Carmears, Grade 3, Distance 12ish miles

Ride Setter – Staffy

Ride Leader – Staffy


The classic Carmears Woods ride out of St Blazey. Expect some good woodland runs and sure to be a bit of mud! It’s been a while since we’ve been round here and it’ll be a good morning blast. (It did say Saturday but now it's on Sunday). 9am pedals down.



24th March (Saturday) 09:30, Location – Downhill Day at Grogley Woods, Grade 4-5, Distance 12ish miles

Ride Setter – Ben

Ride Leader – Ben


Rescheduled from a couple of weeks ago, this is a bit of a departure from the normal GBH ride, This time, we will be missing out the H, and concentrating more on the downhill runs! The trails at Grogley should be running pretty fast right now, some quite nice woodland trails and some pretty challenging downhills. Can be steep and technical, but it is all rollable.  Once you've learnt to ride Grogley, You have little else to fear! Also there are easy get outs if it gets a bit much. On Saturday.



31st March (Easter Saturday) 08:30, Location – St Agnes, Grade 4, Distance 14+ miles

Ride Setter – Mike

Ride Leader – Sean


Mike’s coastal ride from St Agnes Beacon up to Perran Airfield, through St Agnes, Trevallas, and back down to Chapelporth. Maybe even get all the way to Perranporth. Cracking technical riding, exposed narrow singletrack, excellent views. Another Saturday ride (that’s just the way it’s fallen, back to Sunday normality soon), early start to try and avoid the walkers.



8th April (Sunday) 09:30, Location -

Ride Setter -

Ride Leader -



15th April (Sunday) 09:30, Location – Carn Brea, Grade 5, Distance 13ish miles

Ride Setter – Timmo

Ride Leader – Timmo


The Carn Brea sessions. We’ll smash the seven runs off the top of the mountain one after the other, pedalling up each time. Often some downhill carnage and always a fun club ride!